Between now and Christmas, please call 724-859-9292 to place an order for cards you need by Christmas. If an order needs placed for cards we don’t have on hand it may not be delivered by Christmas Eve. – Thanks and stay AWESOME!

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Baker Trail Area Starter Deck

Baker Trail Area Starter DeckUsually Humans mess up nature, but not in this deck. Play the Human cards to expand your ecosystem. If you can play the Eastern Hellbender, you probably won.


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Joshua Tree Area Starter Deck

Learn more about Joshua Tree National Park Area Starter DeckIt’s going to sound weird but focus on the Milkweed Species. Use your Humans to bring out the Milkweed plants and their related species. Everything else will take care of itself.


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Shenandoah National Park Area Starter Deck

Shenandoah National ParkUsually playing an animal card will win you the game, but with this deck, the secret is the birds and invertebrates. You will rack up the points if you focus on bringing them out.


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Sonoran Desert Area Starter Deck

Sonoran Desert area Starter DeckA variety of desert Plants and Invertebrates will land you in the winner’s circle with this deck. Some of the coolest Multi-Player cards can also be found in this starter deck as well.


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The 2016 Starter Decks are in stock!

EDGE of EXTINCTION - Denali Area Starter Deck Mammoth Cave Area Starter Deck EDGE of EXTINCTION Santa Monica Bay Area Starter Deck EDGE-STARTER-DECK-_0004_QC

Our brand new starter decks are now in stock. Join us at the elk Expo in Benezette, PA this weekend to see what the new decks look like and start your Christmas shopping early. If you can’t join us in Elk County, you can always order cards online under our new Buy Games page.

We have a lot of news, but I will reserve it for another blog post in the future. Maybe Maia or Athia will tell you about our next starter decks in a week or two. I’ll give you a clue… it involves the National Parks.


Jason Strohm

New Decks Coming!

After a lot of pictures, traveling, and even more researching we are finally have more cards. We are releasing four new decks in September, Mammoth Caves Area, Santa Monica Bay Area, Denali Area, and Quiet Creek Herb Farm.

My favorite deck to make was the Mammoth Cave deck. We traveled to Kentucky and camped for three days and two nights. During the trip Maia and I upped our camping experience and even camped in a thunderstorm. To get all the pictures we needed we went into the caves and got a great tour by a fifth generation tour guide. We went through tiny spaces and big spaces, dry and wet, but all of it was amazing. In one spot on the tour we saw the Frozen Niagara. It’s beautiful.

Denali and mammoth caves are the first of many national park starter decks that we will make.  We were given permission to use pictures from many national parks in our game.- Athia

Things are growing at Two Sisters in the Wild, LLC.

People helping people…

A special thanks goes out to the Fraternal Order of Eagles throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We sent letters requesting that they send EDGE of EXTINCTION to their local libraries and schools. Kittanning, Brookville, Clarion, Sykesville, Kane, Renovo, and Bradford have responded so far. We now have ten more schools and libraries receiving 2015 Education Sets this year. If you are part of an FOE and would like to sponsor a school or library in your area, please let us know. We will contact the school and science teacher to confirm that they would use it within their classroom and then send a formal letter to your FOE board.

Also, the Titusville Moose Lodge has funded a Classroom Set for the Titusville Middle School. Many thanks to them as well.


Where to buy cards…

You can now purchase starter decks at Fischel’s Hobby Center in DuBois and Quiet Creek in Brookville. For a complete list of locations, check out our distribution chart.

If you are a Cub Scout or Boy Scout, you can now buy Starter Decks at Camp Mountain Run. Bill, Eric, and Hank at the Bucktail Council were kind enough to play-test the game with us a few weeks ago, and thought it would be a good fit for their campers this summer.

Both the Punxsutawney Library and Brookville Library have single card binders in their libraries. If you want to buy single cards or want to build a custom deck, they have cards for sale in their libraries. We are doing this as a fundraiser for libraries and 50% of the money collected is donated back to the library. If you know of a library that is interested in this fundraiser, please let us know. We cover the cost of the initial materials and cards, so let us know in advance if you are interested. We will need some time put each binder together.

We hope to have EDGE of EXTINCTION or WILD in 100 schools when classes begin again this fall. Our primary goal is to help children of all ages learn about nature.

So… that being said…

Download 2015 Starter Decks for free…

The Print N Play versions of all four 2015 Starter Decks are now free and available for anyone. If you want to test out the game or can’t afford to purchase cards, you can now download and print the cards yourself.


Up next…

Athia researched eight cards this weekend, and Maia researched ten… which brings our total card numbers for this year’s collection up to 200 so far. We have a goal of 250 cards for the 2016 Collection and it looks like we might have it completed by the end of July.

We came up with a few more multi-player cards for this collection last night. Maia is chewing on the idea of a 2-player vs. 2-player style so she has been thinking about cards that help connect two players’ ecosystems.

We are heading to Kentucky to see family this weekend thru next weekend. Along with connecting with our family there, we will be visiting the Columbus Zoo, Mammoth Caves National Park, and possibly the Louisville Zoo before returning home.


BOOM! We’ve upgraded everything.

2015 Education SetEarlier this spring along with another successful Kickstarter campaign, we shifted our distribution method from an in-house operation (literally) to… We still use Square, which upgraded itself this past week, and at the end of this week, I’ll be attending Unpub 6, which will be my first game creator’s convention. The girls and I have sent the game to over 50 schools / libraries so far. We are ramping up to host a few competitions this summer as well.

Our next event will be during Earth Week at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. On Monday, April 18 from 2-4 pm at the Science and Technology Center in Clarion, PA we will host a game day event. The person with the highest single game score at the end of the event will take home a 2015 Gold Competition Deck.

2015 Classroom SetOne of the newest additions to the website was added at the request of some of the educators using the game. It is the 2015 Classroom Set, which include twenty (20) starter decks and a complete 2015 Collection. If your classroom is ready to rock a little EDGE of EXTINCTION as part of your curriculum, let us know. The price tag is $350, but don’t let that discourage you from requesting one. We have been working with various groups and organizations to support the game, financially.

Stay Awesome, and thanks for supporting the EDGE…

Jason Strohm

Creating a Golden Competition Deck

Creating a Golden Competition Deck

We started this deck so we could have a great prize for the Kickstarter campaign and for game days. After dad created the very first one he finally convinced us to create our own. Maia, Dad, my best friend Emily and I all made a new deck. The next step was trial and error.

After about two weeks of intense gameplay I think we finally have a winner.

My sister Maia’s deck has won almost every game that we played, and today was the day that we decided that Maia’s deck was the best. After last night and today of me crushing my dad with this deck all of us agreed that this was the deck. To prove that this deck is a beast, here are the scores from the gameplay today:

game scores2616

On the Edge of Tips

  1. Use the biologist to find any animal including humans. Using her to find Grandpa Strohm can win you the game.
  2. If you draw Grandpa Strohm at the beginning of the game, use him to find Grandma Strohm. Getting Grandma Strohm means you pick up double the cards that you would normally pick up.
  3. Extinction can kill humans also. This method works best when you have the two sisters card out, and you don’t have the web of life out.
  4. Invasive plant card is more powerful than the invasive animal card. If you knock out their plants then their ecosystem is crippled. When my dad and I were playing he made my canopy plant invasive and that knocked out my two twenty-three point cards therefore making me loose.
  5. If you play the invasive animal card then wait till the ninth or tenth round and play blight on them it destroys your opponent’s ecosystem
Redbank Valley High School played EDGE of EXTINCTION today

Redbank Valley High School played EDGE of EXTINCTION today

Three of Greg Campbell’s Redbank Valley High School Science Classes learned to play EDGE of EXTINCTION using Education Sets donated by Erin and Kevin Schuetz.

Most students picked up the game within 5 minutes. All of them had it within 10 minutes… Excellent experience for me and hopefully them. I look forward to doing more of this.

Three different classes, around 42 students, played the game.

Special thanks the Greg Campbell and the Schuetz’s for making this happen.

DSC_1012 DSC_1008 DSC_1009 DSC_1007 DSC_1005 DSC_1006 DSC_1003

EDGE of EXTINCTION sets are heading out the door

EDGE of EXTINCTION sets are heading out the door

Education Set of EDGE of EXTINCTION cardsWe wrapped up the campaign last month and got to work producing EDGE of EXTINCTION cards. This week we are sending out the first dozen sets and hopefully sending out the rest next week.

To help us track where each of the sets are going, we put together a Google Map with each location marked.

If you would like to purchase an Education Set for a school, please let us know. Keep in mind, all online orders until Christmas day are 20% off when you use the promotional code of “GIFTS-ROCK” during the checkout process.


Hosting game day events and building a distribution network

Hosting game day events and building a distribution network

Good morning,

The funds should be in next week, which means we should be able to deliver the games to schools as planned in early December. So, congrats and thanks again for backing the EDGE.

We have been setting up game day events. Beginning with local locations and working outward. Here are the events we have planned.

2015 Game Day Schedule

Nov. 14 & 15 – Carlton, PA – Boy Scouts of America Webelos II event

Nov. 21 – Brookville, PA – Rebecca M. Arthurs Memorial Library

Dec. 5 – Brookville, PA – Gameplay table during Victorian Christmas
Facebook event will be added to the company page here.

Dec. 12 – Brookville, PA – Game day at the CREATE Cafe
Facebook event will be added to the company page here.

Building a distribution network for the EDGE

We are hoping to generate a customer base at each game day location. If the game day is successful, educators and gamers will be able to purchase individual cards, booster packs, and starter decks at these locations beginning during the game day event.

If you know of a comic shop or other business that would host a game day event and/or selling EDGE of EXTINCTION from that location, please let me know.


Jason Strohm / Creator
EDGE of EXTINCTION: The Educational Trading Card Game

We’re kick’n it on

What a ride… We have 10 days left and we have almost doubled the amount of pledges we hoped for. Here is the scoop so far.

It’s time to take the intensity of trading card games into the classroom…

For every $100 dollars pledged, another school on the list gets funded. If you choose the school, I’ll send it to where you request. If $100 is built from smaller pledges, i’ll send a copy to the next school on the list.

  • Brookville Area High School (Brookville, PA) FUNDED
  • Clarion-Limestone Area High School (Strattanville, PA) FUNDED
  • Redbank Valley High School (New Bethlehem, PA) FUNDED
  • Fox Chapel School District (Fox Chapel, PA) FUNDED
  • Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy (Pittsburgh, PA) FUNDED
  • Belleville Mennonite School (Belleville, PA) FUNDED
  • Clarion University of Pennsylvania (Clarion, PA) FUNDED
  • Taylor Diversion Programs (Tionesta, PA) FUNDED
  • North Clarion High School (Tionesta, PA) FUNDED
  • Clarion Christian School (Clarion, PA) FUNDED
  • Immaculate Conception School (Clarion, PA) FUNDED
  • Punxsutawney Area High School (Punxsutawney, PA) FUNDED
  • Keystone High school (Knox, PA) FUNDED
  • A-C Valley High School (Foxburg, PA) FUNDED
  • Lakewood High School (Lakewood, OH) FUNDED
  • Wissahickon Middle School (Ambler, PA) FUNDED
  • Clarion Area High School (Clarion, PA)
  • East Forest High School (Marienville, PA)
  • Brockway Area High School (Brockway, PA)
  • Kane Area High School (Kane, PA)
  • Saint Marys High School (Saint Marys, PA)
  • Warren Area High School (Warren, PA)
  • Bradford Area High School (Bradford, PA)
  • Ridgway Area High School (Ridgway, PA)
  • Johnsonburg Area High School (Johnsonburg, PA)
  • DuBois Area Catholic (DuBois, PA)
  • DuBois Area High School (DuBois, PA)
  • Clearfield Area High School (Clearfield, PA)
  • Karns City High School (Karns City, PA)
  • Union High School (Rimersburg, PA)
  • Dayton High School (Dayton, PA)
  • West Shamokin High School (Rural Valley, PA)
  • West Forest High School (Tionesta, PA)
  • Cranberry High School (Seneca, PA)
  • Franklin Area High School (Franklin, PA)

A New Model for Gaming

I was never as intense about learning as I was about playing games. It’s time to change that dynamic a bit and provide a learning tool that can still offer the excitement of playing a trading card game, but inside a classroom.

Growing up, most of my science and math loving friends played trading card games after school or during lunch. It was never considered an educational tool at the time because the subject matter was fantasy-based or science fiction.

Edge of Extinction changes that dynamic.

Edge of Extinction: The Educational Trading Card Game is scheduled to be distributed to a handful of comic shops and gaming stores beginning in January 2016. Ideally, it would be great to expand that initial distribution.

About Edge of Extinction…

The cards in this game are broken into 10 categories: Animals, Conditions, Fungi, Humans, Invertebrates, Microbes, Multi-player cards, Plants, Regions, and Special Regions.

Similar to other trading card games, each player creates a custom build deck (63 cards in this case). They then play against one or more other students who have also built decks …

… natural associations are used in the deck building process, strategy and critical thinking is required during gameplay, and almost by accident, the students build a greater understanding of wildlife and how everything in nature connects… because, this game is actually built using nature as a reference for each card.

More about how the game works can be found on Youtube.


Now, this is where comes in, and especially you as a backer… I would like to see the Edge of Extinction game become part of the natural science/biology curriculums at schools. I’m certain that there is more money to be made in comic shop gaming events than in school classrooms, but my goal is to raise awareness and educate players about nature conservation as well as create a fun and educational game.

$100 sends a copy to you and one to a school of your choosing.
$100 sends a copy to you and one to a school of your choosing.

Every $100 pledged places at least one and possibly two sets of Edge of Extinction in the hands of science teachers in the U.S. That means, IF this campaign is successful, at least 10 classrooms will have the opportunity to test the game and provide feedback about its effectiveness as a teaching tool.

If you pledge $100, you have the option to designate where a copy of the game will be sent. There are other rewards with this project, but my goal is to use the pledge money gained to distribute as many copies as possible to schools, and $100 gives you the ability to sit in the driver’s seat and control where the games are sent.

I intentionally made this project scalable. The more money pledged, the more schools get the game as a gift. $1,000 = 10-20 schools, $10,000 = 100-200 schools, $100,000 = 1,000-2,000 schools, etc.

Below is an example of the limited edition Benefactor card only available during this Kickstarter campaign. The Benefactor card is the reward for pledges of $50 or more. (Special thanks to Joe Fiedor for permitting me to use his photo in the example)

Limited Edition Benefactor Card ($50 Reward)
Limited Edition Benefactor Card ($50 Reward)


Two years from now…

In two years I want to be able to give a presentation that shows the effectiveness of in-class games as learning tools. I hope this project opens the doors and allows some serious research both subjective and objective to occur regarding the Edge of Extinction game from an academic viewpoint.

Based on the beta testing results and feedback from people that collect, play and sell trading card games, it appears to fill a niche that hasn’t been filled before in the gaming industry.

As a legitimate trading card game, it appears to hold its own.


Let’s work together and get this game in schools across the U.S. … and hopefully get a few kids playing games during class.


Jason Strohm / Creator
Edge of Extinction: The Educational Trading Card Game

WILD App for Google Play

Meet the Two Sisters

Learn why we build educational games and follow along as we explore the world together.

WILD App for Google Play

WILD App for Google Play

WILD: North East North America game app for Google Play. Check out our review from

WILD App for Amazon Kindle

WILD App for Amazon Kindle

WILD: North East North America game app for Amazon Kindle.



“Edge of Extinction is great because it gives you a closer look at your environment – using plants and creatures you can find right in your backyard!”

– Jen Christopher
2015 Comic Con Volunteer


“I watched in awe as our students eagerly learned about nature by accident.”

– John Cornman
Teacher and Mentor


“This game is AMAZING. You girls have done such a good job! I’m looking forward to buying some expansion packs.”

– Dr. Andrew Keth
Biology Professor at Clarion University of Pennsylvania


“It’s pretty inspiring to see what those two girls and their father have accomplished.”

– Ben Legum
Assistant Professor


“I can see this being used as part of the curriculum. It will be pretty popular during inside recess too.”

– Linda Barnes
5th Grade Elementary Teacher


“So Brian (age 9) purchased the Appalachian Homestead Starter Deck of Edge of Extinction today, and he and I have played 4 times. We both really like it–in fact, we’re in agreement we need to buy more!”

– Anissa Ferringer
Home school Mom