10 Things you should know about Maia, My Dad, My Mom and Me

10 Things you should know about Maia, My Dad, My Mom and Me
The Strohm Family

A picture of us volunteering at Westminster Highlands in Emlenton PA


  1. She LOVES candy.
  2. She is amazing at gymnastics.
  3. Doesn’t like vegetables,
  4. …But likes fruits.
  5. Her favorite book series is bad kitty.
  6. Great at making clay.
  7. Good at taking pictures.
  8. Awesome at drawing.
  9. Likes to call people Bra (bro)
  10. She is a huge ball of energy.



  1. I love to do hair.
  2. I’m good at cooking and baking.
  3. I’m a back in a cheer stunt.
  4. I love having fun outside.
  5. I eat most foods,
  6. …But I like fruits and vegetables the best.
  7. I like doing nails.
  8. I do really well in school (so does Maia)
  9. I love my family and am not embarrassed by them most of the time.
  10. I love playing with, baby sitting, and being with kids and babies.



  1. His initials are J.M.S.
  2. He is pretty bad at the new game we are making.
  3. He works really, really hard.
  4. He got his masters in communication.
  5. He has a bachelor degree in graphic design.
  6. He loves the word selfless and reminds us every day.
  7. He always wears shoes in the house
  8. He likes to annoy his wife.
  9. Hiking and camping are a big part of his life.
  10. He also goes on many mission trips.



  1. She makes delicious dinners.
  2. She has two of her own kids (Maia and I),
  3. …But is often found with three or more kids and rarely has alone time.
  4. She is always busy.
  5. She has brown hair that looks like it’s black.
  6. She likes chocolate.
  7. She works at the library.
  8. She likes campfires.
  9. She loves reading.
  10. She spends most of her time caring for us and embarrassing us.



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