A Looong Trip

A Looong Trip

strohm2My Trip Over Christmas Break

It all started when my parents decided to have a long family trip to see family and get pictures for my game. We hadn’t seen some of my family in long time because they lived a long way away, and my mom and dad wanted us to see them again. We also went because we are making a new “Wild” game in the region South East North America.

Our trip started in Harrisburg, PA. In Harrisburg we stayed at our cousins, Michelle, Shawn, Alex, and Ali, and had a blast. Alex is eighteen and Ali is twenty some so we didn’t see Ali, and the only time we saw Alex was a short period of time and then he left to stay at his friends. Most of the time spent there we watched “American Ninja Warrior” while catching up in life, having fun, and eating delicious food.

Our trip then took us to Baltimore, Maryland to see an aquarium.  At the aquarium we met up with one of my best friends, Robin, and her family. We spent most of the day at the aquarium. My two favorite pictures from the aquarium are a picture of a giant sea turtle and me running to Robin and her running to me, arms out, ready to give a bear hug. While we were at the aquarium we saw many animals, ate lunch, saw a dolphin show and watched Robin’s little sister, Avery, when she got bored from being at the aquarium for so long.  Overall, we got many pictures and had lots of fun.


The trip then took us to Robin’s House. She lives in Maryland. We stayed at her house for about three days and two nights. Our first day there we just got settled and had fun catching up, watching YouTube videos, playing card games, watching half of Harry Potter movie seven part one, and making parachute cord bracelets. Later that night we got to see an amazing farm. The farm was like a petting zoo with really incredible Christmas lights that “danced” to music. The next day we went to church, ate at a Mexican restaurant, finished our bracelets and movie, did gymnastics/cheer stunts, and played card games like War and uno. The next day we stayed until lunch and then left for my cousins, Lilandra, Renic, Nathan, and Lana’s, house in Alexandra, VA just outside of D.C.

evanstrohm,jpgThe day we got there we went to the American History Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. It took forever to find a parking spot and then walk to the places, but it was worth it.  When we were at the Washington Monument my 5 year old cousin, Renic, asked why there were two red blinking lights at the top. We answered by saying “he” was mad. Also when we were walking to the Lincoln Memorial I found a necklace in the pool of water in front of the memorial. The next day we rode the Metro to the D.C. Zoo, and had Starbucks/7-11 for lunch. The next day, New Year’s Eve, we visited the Library of Congress, ate from our first hot dog cart, went to a plant museum, and visited the Art Smithsonian. That night we played card games, watched movies, and made bracelets while waiting for the ball to drop, after all that waiting only Lilandra and I made it to midnight. Maia came close but passed out about two hours before midnight. After the ball dropped we stayed up ‘til two watching the singers, talking, and drinking Sparkling Grape Juice.


The next day is about the middle of the trip. Next we went to my dad’s best friend’s sister’s house, Amy. There we did puzzles, watched Spiderman 2, and played outside. We left the next day at about four A.M. to go to our next stop. There was the first part of our trip, and in my opinion the most fun. The next part will come in a little while.

See you soon,


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