BOOM! We’ve upgraded everything.

2015 Education SetEarlier this spring along with another successful Kickstarter campaign, we shifted our distribution method from an in-house operation (literally) to… We still use Square, which upgraded itself this past week, and at the end of this week, I’ll be attending Unpub 6, which will be my first game creator’s convention. The girls and I have sent the game to over 50 schools / libraries so far. We are ramping up to host a few competitions this summer as well.

Our next event will be during Earth Week at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. On Monday, April 18 from 2-4 pm at the Science and Technology Center in Clarion, PA we will host a game day event. The person with the highest single game score at the end of the event will take home a 2015 Gold Competition Deck.

2015 Classroom SetOne of the newest additions to the website was added at the request of some of the educators using the game. It is the 2015 Classroom Set, which include twenty (20) starter decks and a complete 2015 Collection. If your classroom is ready to rock a little EDGE of EXTINCTION as part of your curriculum, let us know. The price tag is $350, but don’t let that discourage you from requesting one. We have been working with various groups and organizations to support the game, financially.

Stay Awesome, and thanks for supporting the EDGE…

Jason Strohm

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