Harrisburg U trip

On Tuesday, November 1 my family and I went to Harrisburg University.

While we were there we taught a game design class about Edge of Extinction. The students loved it and gave us much needed feedback. Then we ate lunch and talked with some teachers about how to give Edge of Extinction a lesson plan and get it into more schools. They were a giant help.

After that we got an amazing tour of the university and got to experience Virtual Reality. Soon after that we went to a place called the Game Table Cafe. It had over 400 types of games! We played a few rounds, ate some great tasting food, and got some good advice.

Because of that we have decide to add on to the rules a little bit. Every time you get five regions you pick up another card at the beginning of your turn. For example, if I have ten region cards in play, then I draw three cards at the beginning of my turn. If you guys could test it out and tell us what you think that would be amazing. Thank you.


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