New Decks Coming!

After a lot of pictures, traveling, and even more researching we are finally have more cards. We are releasing four new decks in September, Mammoth Caves Area, Santa Monica Bay Area, Denali Area, and Quiet Creek Herb Farm.

My favorite deck to make was the Mammoth Cave deck. We traveled to Kentucky and camped for three days and two nights. During the trip Maia and I upped our camping experience and even camped in a thunderstorm. To get all the pictures we needed we went into the caves and got a great tour by a fifth generation tour guide. We went through tiny spaces and big spaces, dry and wet, but all of it was amazing. In one spot on the tour we saw the Frozen Niagara. It’s beautiful.

Denali and mammoth caves are the first of many national park starter decks that we will make.  We were given permission to use pictures from many national parks in our game.- Athia

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