On the Edge of Tips

  1. Use the biologist to find any animal including humans. Using her to find Grandpa Strohm can win you the game.
  2. If you draw Grandpa Strohm at the beginning of the game, use him to find Grandma Strohm. Getting Grandma Strohm means you pick up double the cards that you would normally pick up.
  3. Extinction can kill humans also. This method works best when you have the two sisters card out, and you don’t have the web of life out.
  4. Invasive plant card is more powerful than the invasive animal card. If you knock out their plants then their ecosystem is crippled. When my dad and I were playing he made my canopy plant invasive and that knocked out my two twenty-three point cards therefore making me loose.
  5. If you play the invasive animal card then wait till the ninth or tenth round and play blight on them it destroys your opponent’s ecosystem

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