Stay Awesome. We’ll talk this fall.

Stay Awesome. We’ll talk this fall.

It’s time for a long overdue update. Sorry we have been away from the blog for so long… It has been a busy summer for the Strohm Family. Both girls have been away at Christian and Cheerleading camps, traveled to a few parks with family and friends and celebrated their 13th and 17th birthdays this September.

This spring, I was able to fly out and meet with our distribution company, Four-Winds Trading Co. in Denver before exploring Yellowstone National Park and getting fresh photos of some of the park’s species.

Also, on that trip, I was able to visit several Colorado state parks and Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

With Janine and I working full-time jobs and the girls back in school, we have another trip planned, but not until Christmas break. More to come regarding that event as December nears.

Speaking of events, we have been blessed to be able to schedule the following events between now and our Christmas break.

  1. October 8-9 in Cleveland, OH: We are presenting at the 2018 Wildlife Society Annual Conference. Our presentation is titles “Conservation is too important to leave to adults.” It should be a great experience for us.
  2. November 17 in Clarion, PA: We are teaching students from several PA schools how to play EDGE of EXTINCTION. Shintrika Weibel, an Instructor/Academic Counselor for the TRIO / Upward Bound program invited us in to teach her high school students.
  3. December 6, @ Clarion University of Pennsylvania: Clarion University is holding their Second Annual EDGE of EXTINCTION Tournament in the Gemmell Multi-Purpose Room. This event is being coordinated and co-hosted by the Intermediate Unit 6 gifted teachers. The girls will be in attendance to assist the judges.

Also coming up this fall is the EDGE Online game. A free computer version of EDGE of EXTINCTION: The Educational Trading Card Game. We are working through the beta testing now. The game doesn’t include every card and starter deck, but it does give the player a chance to test out the first four decks we created back in 2015: Allegheny National Park, Appalachian Homestead, Clarion River and Peat Bogs of the Allegheny Front.

We are hoping educators adopt it as a learning tool in their classrooms and study halls.

One last thing. We made the WILD: North America game free for the Android marketplace, so you can now play the app for free.

I think that is all for now.

–  Jason (Dad) Strohm

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