The 2016 Starter Decks are in stock!

EDGE of EXTINCTION - Denali Area Starter Deck Mammoth Cave Area Starter Deck EDGE of EXTINCTION Santa Monica Bay Area Starter Deck EDGE-STARTER-DECK-_0004_QC

Our brand new starter decks are now in stock. Join us at the elk Expo in Benezette, PA this weekend to see what the new decks look like and start your Christmas shopping early. If you can’t join us in Elk County, you can always order cards online under our new Buy Games page.

We have a lot of news, but I will reserve it for another blog post in the future. Maybe Maia or Athia will tell you about our next starter decks in a week or two. I’ll give you a clue… it involves the National Parks.


Jason Strohm


  1. Jason I’m glad to see you guys are really taking off with “two sisters in the wild” that’s awesome. I hope the best for you Keep working hard sisters you guys are an inspiration. Peace. From Your friend in California,
    Anthony Esquivel

    • Thanks Anthony. Is this the Anthony that shared a subway ride with me? If so, I hope you are doing well.

      – Jason


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