The Amber Snail

The Amber Snail cardMy favorite picture is the one I took of a snail.

I was outside my house when I took the picture. The snail was on our welcome mat in front of our house. It was a perfect shot. It’s in the second edition of our card game. It is also on our business card.
My mom’s favorite is the amber snail too.
– Maia Strohm


  1. Very good job on the photo and the blog post, Maia. I am proud of you.

  2. Maia and Athia, I purchased your game and took it to school for my fifth grade students to try it out. They play the game during inside recess and really enjoy it! Thank you so much for sharing your love of nature and talents with us. I hope you enjoy continued success with your game! Great work!

    Linda Barnes
    5th grade teacher
    Brookville, PA

  3. Great shot of the amber snail, Maia! Keep up the good work. PZ

  4. species must take place based on an anatomical examination. The reddish amber snail’s body is also quite dark coloured and wears dark spots on the back.


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