The Strohmstead Card

The Strohmstead Card

the strohmstead environment cardDuring the making of the wild cards for the game my dad came up with a nickname for our section of land, the Strohmstead. Our section of land has a forest, pond, two streams, and a field. That is the reason we included the Strohmstead. What makes this card special is it is all the environments in the game, which means you can play any two plants on this card. It also means that you can move/transplant any of your plants at any time in the game.



  1. This was helpful. Are you going to put the rules for the game on your website? I’m very impressed with this whole game system. We just got ours in the mail. We bought two sets, one for our house and one to give as a gift. Thanks for sharing the great information!

    You should also consider posting tips and tricks that you have discovered as you’ve played this game. You know, strategies for winning and stuff. Then allow for others to post their strategies, photos and such as they develop them.

    Game on!


  2. Okay, we will try to have the directions (in a simplified version) up in the next few posts, and I will put some tips on the blog. I hope you enjoy the game. Thank you for buying it.


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