Things are growing at Two Sisters in the Wild, LLC.

People helping people…

A special thanks goes out to the Fraternal Order of Eagles throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We sent letters requesting that they send EDGE of EXTINCTION to their local libraries and schools. Kittanning, Brookville, Clarion, Sykesville, Kane, Renovo, and Bradford have responded so far. We now have ten more schools and libraries receiving 2015 Education Sets this year. If you are part of an FOE and would like to sponsor a school or library in your area, please let us know. We will contact the school and science teacher to confirm that they would use it within their classroom and then send a formal letter to your FOE board.

Also, the Titusville Moose Lodge has funded a Classroom Set for the Titusville Middle School. Many thanks to them as well.


Where to buy cards…

You can now purchase starter decks at Fischel’s Hobby Center in DuBois and Quiet Creek in Brookville. For a complete list of locations, check out our distribution chart.

If you are a Cub Scout or Boy Scout, you can now buy Starter Decks at Camp Mountain Run. Bill, Eric, and Hank at the Bucktail Council were kind enough to play-test the game with us a few weeks ago, and thought it would be a good fit for their campers this summer.

Both the Punxsutawney Library and Brookville Library have single card binders in their libraries. If you want to buy single cards or want to build a custom deck, they have cards for sale in their libraries. We are doing this as a fundraiser for libraries and 50% of the money collected is donated back to the library. If you know of a library that is interested in this fundraiser, please let us know. We cover the cost of the initial materials and cards, so let us know in advance if you are interested. We will need some time put each binder together.

We hope to have EDGE of EXTINCTION or WILD in 100 schools when classes begin again this fall. Our primary goal is to help children of all ages learn about nature.

So… that being said…

Download 2015 Starter Decks for free…

The Print N Play versions of all four 2015 Starter Decks are now free and available for anyone. If you want to test out the game or can’t afford to purchase cards, you can now download and print the cards yourself.


Up next…

Athia researched eight cards this weekend, and Maia researched ten… which brings our total card numbers for this year’s collection up to 200 so far. We have a goal of 250 cards for the 2016 Collection and it looks like we might have it completed by the end of July.

We came up with a few more multi-player cards for this collection last night. Maia is chewing on the idea of a 2-player vs. 2-player style so she has been thinking about cards that help connect two players’ ecosystems.

We are heading to Kentucky to see family this weekend thru next weekend. Along with connecting with our family there, we will be visiting the Columbus Zoo, Mammoth Caves National Park, and possibly the Louisville Zoo before returning home.


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