Three New Decks are Ready!

Three New Decks are Ready!
You can now order Arches, Zion and Great Smoky Mountain National Park Starter Decks. Check out our online store for more details.
Maia and I will be attending Let’s Play PA on February 18th. I will be presenting at the conference. Athia and Janine will be away at a Girl Scouts weekend so Maia and I will be learning what we can and reporting back with what we learn from the experts in the gaming and education industries. If you can attend, please do. It is hosted by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. More details can be found online.
Bad Ideas?
If you have a bad idea we should consider, let us know. If there is a better way to play, more fun way to learn about the game, or just a location or species we should consider including in the game, please let us know. Bad Ideas are encouraged.
What’s next for us?
In addition to the three new decks, we have been working on the following four Starter Decks.
Rocky Mountain National Park
Everglades National Park
Glacier National Park
Glacier Bay National Park
On Feb 3, I have been asked to attend a meeting at the IU 6 (Intermediate Unit 6) building to teach the gifted program teachers how to play EDGE of EXTINCTION. The girls will be in school, but I think I can teach the game pretty effectively in their absence. If enough of the gifted programs pick up the game, it should provide this year’s travel funding we are hoping to secure to get the images we need for some of the parks that don’t have Flickr accounts like Acadia and Yosemite.
That is all I have for now. Stay Awesome, folks!
– Jason Strohm
Co-Creator of Two Sisters in the Wild & EDGE of EXTINCTION: The Educational Trading Card Game
1430 Clinger Road
Corsica, PA 15829

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